COVID-19 vs Taxes

The COVID-19 virus control period is a difficult for everyone, including businesses. The Ministry of Finance is implementing solutions in the field of tax law that will help entrepreneurs survive the difficult period of the epidemic.

First of all, it is necessary to mention the possibility of filing an application for a tax relief or remission of tax arrears for entrepreneurs who, due to the epidemic, will have problems with timely payment of tax dues. According to the information available on the Ministry’s website, applications submitted by entrepreneurs pursuant to Article 67a and subsequent articles of the Tax Ordinance Act will be considered first. 

Additionally, the Ministry of Finance is planning to introduce facilities, such as:

  • possibility to deduct losses incurred in 2020 from the tax due for 2019,
  • earlier VAT refunds,
  • facilitating VAT settlements by delaying the entry into force of the new Uniform control file (JPK) from 1 April to 1 July,
  • the abolition of the prolongation fee,
  • postponing the obligation to register in the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries to 1 July,
  • extension of the deadline for the remitters to make advance payments for tax on salaries collected for March and April.

The Ministry has not yet given details of the solutions prepared in connection with the current pandemic. We will keep you up to date with all the news.