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Viroux & Partners is a small but talented law firm, based in Warsaw, Poland, providing legal services for local and international clients. Our team consists of highly regarded lawyers, having previously worked at major international law firms and earned their reputations by executing exceptional and high value transactions and settling disputes for clients. We have brought our knowledge and ability to build relationships to Viroux & Partners. Our lawyers have represented some of the biggest companies and participated in some of the most high-profile and complex transactions and disputes across Europe. 

We consider ourselves lawyers as business partners, seeking to strengthen our relationships with clients and provide the most efficient and innovative solutions by looking at problems from a business perspective. We are direct and straight-forward in our communication. Rather than weigh you down with legalese and telling you what you can’t do, we work to enable you and your business. We embrace difficult negotiations and in depth, technical discussions because understanding your business in detail allows us to serve you better. 

What sets us apart from other law firms is our ability to be present at each and every stage of a client’s activities, due to our deep understanding of your business, while remaining affordable. We can provide a high level of legal services without having 100 lawyers on board.

Viroux & Partners Sp. K.

ul. Okrzei 1a, XIIp.
03-715 Warszawa
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